Hill Phoenix BLF59SR Remote Refrigerated Bakery Display Case Merchandiser – 2016



This case came out of a local large chain grocery store that remodeled. This is a remote case and no condensing unit / compressor is included. Its a 2016 model and has never been used.

Self-Service Multi-Deck

Features / Benefits

  • Sled runner base construction.
  • Standard 50-7/8”H (case top) and 37-5/8”D.
  • Standard 6-5/16”H toekick.
  • Painted metal exterior.
  • Outside back and case top painted to match exterior.
  • Black painted metal interior.
  • Clearvoyant® LED top light.
  • Clearvoyant LED undershelf lighting.
  • Rear electrical raceway.
  • Energy efficient fans.

sku: 133094013055

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