Kysor Warren 53″ QM1LVC1 Open Air Produce Berry Display Case Refrigerator 4′ 5″


In stock


Model Number: QM1LVC1-04
Serial Number: 0706000842
Voltage:  115
Phase:  1
Amperage: 20.9

This case has been plugged in and works great!


Dimensions: 53 1/2″ wide x 43 1/4″ deep x 42 5/8″ tall


This case is refrigerated. It’s cycling in the 30’s F.


– Self contained.

– Casters.

Designed for in store environments where temperature and humidity do not exceed 75°F and 55% R.H. These cases will not work properly in buildings that have temperatures above 75 degrees F or high humidity. They also must be positioned so no air movement is interrupting the air curtain. If a ceiling fan or air vent is blowing towards the open front it will not work properly.

We have 2 available.

sku: 254707481889

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