All items, including applicable shipping charges must be paid in full prior to shipment. We accept Wire Transfers, Certified Checks, VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover.


B&H Used Restaurant Equipment reserves the right to ship via any responsible carrier. All shipping expenses are payable by the buyer and will be included for payment on the final invoice. Any claims arising as to shipping charges shall be resolved between the carrier and consignee. Unless otherwise stated, the purchase price is F.O.B. Place of shipment and excludes skidding or crating for shipment. Once full payment for merchandise and freight is received, Pre-Owned items will be made ready for shipment, and orders for new equipment will be placed into production. Items are shipped Common Carrier or UPS. Once your item is placed on the truck for shipment, it is no longer the responsibility of B&H Used Restaurant Equipment. Once the item has shipped, you will be notified and given the pro/tracking number of the shipment.


Claims for damage in transit must be made by the consignee with the Carrier. B&H Used Restaurant Equipment assumes no responsibility for damages while in transit. Please inspect for damage and make notation on the Bill of Lading BEFORE the driver leaves your location.

Product Availability

Pre-Owned Equipment that is in stock can usually ship within 1-3 days of receipt of full payment. New Equipment availability is determined by the Manufacturer and usually ships within 4-6 weeks form date of payment.


B&H Used Restaurant Equipment only warrants equipment shipped within the United States of America. B&H Used Restaurant Equipment guarantees that the equipment will be in working order upon installation. Installation must be performed by an authorized B&H Used Restaurant Equipment service agency. If an item sold by B&H Used Restaurant Equipment does not work upon delivery and cannot be fixed, B&H Used Restaurant Equipment may in this case offer an in-store credit for another piece of equipment equal to the value of the item in question. Equipment is sold with a 30 day parts warranty. B&H Used Restaurant Equipment will only pay for parts that are deemed necessary for the proper operation of the unit. Only parts purchased from a B&H Used Restaurant Equipment authorized service agency will be honored. All used equipment sales are final. No returns, no refunds. Used Items may not be returned because they do not meet the buyers needs. This means that if you buy a piece of equipment to perform a task that may not be it’s original purpose, we would be unable to exchange the item. We urge you to ask as many questions as you feel needed before making your purchase.

What is “AS-IS”?

Strictly the way we received it from the previous owner. It may or may not be complete of all its parts and it may or may not run. We will disclose and represent the machine to you exactly as it is in our inventory for you to decide.


Used Equipment cannot be held without a 50% non-refundable deposit. Once a deposit is received, the equipment will be taken off the market and held for the buyer for up to 30 days giving time for full payment to be made. After 30 days, at the discretion of B&H Used Restaurant Equipment, the item may be put back up for sale to the public and the deposit will not be refunded, but may be used to purchase other equipment within a six month period, from the date of the original quotation. If no purchase is made within a six month period, the deposit will be kept by B&H Used Restaurant Equipment and the purchase/sale agreement considered void. New Equipment deposits become non-refundable once the order has been placed with the Manufacturer.


Used Equipment may not be returned.


This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio. Any legal action to enforce the terms of this agreement shall be brought in Montgomery County Court, Dayton, Ohio.